Over the years, many individuals have continued to ask about the reasons why people buy books online. But there are many reasons amidst the fact that this trend is quite new and only most people who are privileged to have access to the internet can go about it. Besides, the ability to place an order is one most people find difficult.


There are countless advantages to buying books online. If you try to compare online book and store bound books, you would notice a big difference. But the issue is that online books are here to stay and buying them is the way to go for many individuals who find it convenient. This gives way to other things you could lay your hands on and not perambulate from one shop to the other. No need to tour all the stores looking for a particular book, it only needs your device to achieve your purpose.


Amidst the fact that buying books online is convenient, it’s also affordable. Anyone who knows how to navigate on different websites could always get affordable books with little or no stress. With your knowledge of a good website to research for books, you can always buy e-books, printed books and even used books. Say, buying online is a safer way to save energy, money, and time. Again, most online book stores offer coupons for your purchase and there’s considerably less shipping cost for books bought online.


Easy access to consumer reviews also helps individuals who want to buy books online. This makes it possible for them to read up what people who have ordered books from such websites are saying. If the reviews are negatives, they can stay away from such books or websites but if the reviews are more positive, they can go ahead to order the book of their choice.


In a similar vein, note should be taken about the spat of scam that goes on online. Many find it difficult to buy online books because they don’t want to lose their hard-earned money to scammers. So, if for instance, most people have reported a website or book as not reflecting what it promised, it will be an avenue for the buyer to check with other websites. In this case, browsing through other websites should not be an issue as this won’t consume much time to achieve. This automatically helps you not to walk from one physical store to another. Besides this, as soon as you visit a particular website, it will be easy for you to know if a particular book has had a new edition. This information will enable you to make a quick change to your choice of book.


Another remarkable thing about buying books online is that the delivery could be doorstep. On this account, you need not run to the book store to pick it. It will be seamlessly delivered to you at your convenient time. This delivery would have been paid online and the delivery person need not collect any extra money from you upon delivery.


Many people are yet to understand what actually eBook is. It sounds like a new dictionary word in the fast-changing world. Definitively, “an electronic book, also known as an e-book or eBook, is a book publication distributed or bought in a digital form, consisting of text, images, or both, readable on the flat-panel display of computers or other electronic devices”. Often times, it is defined as “an electronic version of a printed book”. However, it has been observed that some e-books exist without a printed equivalent. E-books can be read or accessed on many platforms or devices. It can be read on e-reader devices, and on so many computer devices that features a controllable viewing screen, including desktop computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets.


At the emergence of this wonderful step of electronic books, it gave a new shape to the way people access published books. In very many countries, the sale of printed books has decreased. This is not in connection with the fact that E-books are now widely sought after than printed books. In the early 2000s, things started to change as regards the sale of books. Many people were very happy to buy books via different websites with the help of e-commerce. This is a situation whereby they order from the confines of their rooms and have it delivered to them. This changed the tide and made book accessing easy.  In this case, readers can browse through images of the covers of these books from different websites and order the book of their choice. In line with the order, the eBook can be downloaded by the buyer or sent to the person by mail in most cases. In recent times, the buying of eBook is taking over and people now prefer it to printed books.


Furthermore, e-books have proved over the years to be affordable. The prices of e-books are inviting and that is a credit to the sellers. For many who have low budgets, it is now easy for them to order the book of their choice online. Added to this is the fact that prices can change from website to website. The price you buy an e-book on eBay may be different from that of Google books. So people now have many choices to make and to comfortably get what they need at an affordable rate.


Meanwhile, with the advent of e-books, readers and scholars alike can heave a sigh of relief because there won’t be any need to build shelves to store books. One would not be in fear any longer not to lose a particular book to house mouse or maybe water damaging a favorite book. Confidence is now built because one can store a book for as long as possible. The first step is to download it then you can store it anywhere you deem necessary. You can store it either in your flash drive, email, hard disk, computer or any other suitable device. This way, anybody that wishes to have a book stored for his generation would not find it difficult to accomplish.

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Simply put, books are words written down on pieces of papers for the reading pleasure of people. It could be books that contain stories, information, events, images, and entertainments. In this case, one buys books with regard to his or her own choice of interest. Books are just important considering the various things written about it which can enhance the people and the world at large.


No doubt, no writer writes for the sake of writing. There would have been something or an occasion that inspired the person. And besides, it is not easy to write anything as it requires some bit of disciple and maturity to come up with any written material. Furthermore, there are rigorous processes that go on before a book could be published. Therefore, it is not a child’s play to take those onerous steps.


In the truest sense, books are of three important parts: the front part, the body, and the end part. Each part weather from the title page down to the bibliography has something to tell the reader. For researchers, it makes more meaning to find a book that toes this line.


Nonetheless, there are basically many reasons why people read books. It is important to note that books open new ways of understanding life. It makes one think differently and have a new approach to the events and happenings of life. The fact remains that the more you read, the smarter you get because you are simply sharpening your brain. The extent you read most times tells more about the extent you will know a particular thing. They improve one’s memory. While some read so as to lower their stress level or as a hobby, some others read so as to get a clear picture of what tomorrow holds for them.  Hence, those who read to increase their vocabulary and grammar cannot be swept under the carpet.


Be that as it may, many reasons abound why people buy books or some particular books. There are many who buy books because those have full knowledge of the author. The authors could be social media influencers, digital marketers, speakers or one who has read about the authors’ previous book. Another reason could be from a friends’ or family members’ recommendation of the book. Other reasons are when it meets the readers’ needs or could serve as a gift to someone dear to the reader. From the foregoing, it is obvious that many people buy books based on emotional attachments or reasoning ability.


Conclusively, it is no news that many don’t fancy reading or purchasing books. This could be because of their inability to read, that they have aversion to reading or maybe, they have little money or nothing planned out for buying books. In most cases, only students and academicians tend to buy and read books. But, books have been adjudged to have lifted up individuals and nations. Many vital things lay buried inside the pages of books and only those who read can discover these. Hence, books whether for academic, social or other uses should be appreciated because it contains the most information that builds nations.